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#1 Gym in Rockland County, NY

APEX Gym provides world-class HIIT Bootcamps, Strength Training, Cross Training, Personal Training, Parisi Speed School, Sports Team Training. At APEX Gym, there's fitness for everyone.

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Voted Best Rockland County Gym Since 2022
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Our Fitness Training Programs

At Apex Performance Gym, we offer a wide range of top-notch fitness programs designed to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. Whether you're looking to lose weight, build muscle, improve your athletic performance, or simply feel your best, Apex Performance Gym in Rockland County, NY, has the tools and expertise to help you succeed. Join our community today and experience the difference of training with the best in the industry.

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About Us

Achieve Your Fitness Goals with APEX Gym

Apex Performance Gym, proudly reclaiming the title of the #1 gym in Rockland County, NY, is the brainchild of Andrew Capul, a local sports enthusiast. Andrew’s journey began in the heart of Rockland County, where his participation in various sports teams sparked a lifelong passion. His tenure at Albertus Magnus High School further cemented his love for athletics. It was at Rockland Community College where Andrew's dedicated professors ignited his interest in the science of athletic training and human performance. Starting humbly in the garage of his Stony Point home, Andrew's vision expanded, transforming his passion project into the renowned Apex Performance Gym in Garnerville, NY.

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A dynamic boxing sessionowner Andrew Capul Apex-branded coachYoung member practices kneeling shoulder presses with dumbbells at Apex Performance Gym, NY.

Our Rockland County Gym Facilities

Strength and Sports Training Facility

Apex Performance Gym, spanning 4,400 ft², is the premier strength and sports training facility in Rockland County, NY. With top-tier equipment, it offers an unrivaled setting for youth and adults to enhance their physical performance and achieve their goals.

Bootcamp and Fitness Facility

Apex Performance Gym, the #1 Gym in Rockland County, NY, is tailored for parents and adults seeking a dedicated space for their health goals. With high-energy bootcamp classes and cardio boxing, it provides a balanced and motivational experience without the distractions of a mixed-age group environment.

Class schedules for every persons day

Apex Performance Gym, the #1 gym in Rockland County, NY, offers Rockland County's most extensive private group training lineup. With classes from 5:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and over 13 classes daily, it provides flexibility to fit everyone's lifestyle.

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Proven Results

Achieving Your Fitness Goals With Apex Gym

Personalized Progress Tracking with My Apex Coach

Apex Performance Gym introduces My Apex Coach, a personalized fitness app that provides detailed calorie tracking and measures critical metrics for personalized progress tracking. When paired with an Apple Watch, it offers an unrivaled experience, delivering real-time feedback and data to keep you on track and inspired throughout your fitness journey.

Expert Nutrition Guidance Just for You

Apex Performance Gym pairs you with a personal nutritionist dedicated to your success. Through the My Apex Coach app, you'll engage in weekly consultations and craft a bespoke meal plan that perfectly caters to your unique goals, whether you're aiming to shed pounds, build muscle, or maintain your current form.

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  • Athletes Trained 3K+
  • Members 500+
  • Satisfaction 100%
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Community Initiatives & Support In Rockland

At Apex Performance Gym, we're more than just the #1 gym in Rockland County, NY; we're active pillars in our local community. We've taken our passion for wellness beyond our gym walls, placing a strong emphasis on fostering the health and fitness of our youth through dynamic partnerships with local elementary schools and youth programs. We’re proud to participate in career days, and we eagerly bring energetic fitness sessions to school gymnasiums and playgrounds.

It's our way of encouraging kids to adopt a fun, active lifestyle early on. We're dedicated to these community initiatives, providing them wholeheartedly without the aim for anything in return, simply because we believe in the lasting benefits of nurturing the seeds of health and wellness from the get-go.

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  • Client flexes muscles proudly at Apex Performance Gym, Rockland County, NY, against branded gym wall.
    Ellie Pollack

    ”Amazing coaches that push you to jumpstart your fitness journey. The best environment to reach your goals."

  • Cheerful female athlete flexing muscles at Apex Performance Gym with gym equipment in the background.
    Sammi Spector

    ”Apex revolutionizes the gym scene with top-tier coaches and classes. Hands down, best gym in Rockland, county.”

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Apex Performance is a members only fitness facility. From small group performance training to bootcamps to personal training our focus is to give our clients a safe & comfortable training environment for them to achieve all of their goals, both physically & mentally.

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