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Instilling a strong work ethic and drive for greatness in all of our members!

apex gym athlete performance

There is no substitute for a strong training environment.

Working side by side with like-minded individuals constantly rooting for you and motivating you to be your best self is one of the most inspiring success drivers in all of life. Our Apex Athlete membership can be broken down into several sub workouts inside the program, all with one common goal. Instilling a strong work ethic and drive for greatness in all of our members!

apex gym standard workout

The Apex Standard Workout

“The Apex Standard Workout” also known as “The Board workout”, is our most popular program amongst our members. The Apex Standard was built to give our members a little bit of everything from a training perspective. A well-rounded program leads to happy and healthy members! It incorporates strength, speed, movement, conditioning, and much more. Whether you are a teenage athlete, or a  mom or dad looking for a fun challenge and to stay in shape, this program delivers on making you better both physically & mentally!

apex power athlete program

The Apex Power Athlete program

“The Apex Power Athlete Program” was built exclusively to develop faster, more explosive athletes. This program definitely carries an emphasis on being specific to giving athletes that “It” factor on the court or playing field. This program includes a mixture of weight training, plyometrics, ballistic throwing exercises & speed mechanics. This program has been crafted through years of experience working with some of the best athletes to come out of the lower New York area. This program is filled with bits and pieces of the knowledge and principles from some of the top-level performance coaches from around the world!

apex beach ready workout

The Apex Beach Ready Workout

“The Apex Beach Ready Workout” also known as the “Tone by TJ” is exactly what it sounds like. You are training for you, no sport, no competition, you just want to look & feel good. Maybe you want to put on some lean muscle just in time for beach season or maybe you just want to build some more confidence! Either way, this program delivers on getting you ready to take on Summer vacations for years to come!


Gym Member

Non-gym member- 220/month 

College Student Discount: $160 per month (No Contract)

First Responder & Military Discount: $150 per month (No Contract)

$52 Registration Fee for all of the programs listed above

Interested in personalized nutritional guidance & meal planning?

Click the contact us below to inquire for more information regarding our Apex Performance Nutrition services. Pairing the accountability and personalization of our exercise routines along with our team’s professional nutritional advice made specifically for each client’s goals is our preferred option for guaranteed results!

What Our Clients Say

Safe and clean facility. Each trainer develops personal bonds with each athlete and helps them achieve their goals. I personally started the gym wanting to gain weight. In September of 2019, I was 135 pounds with little to no muscle. I now a year later am 170.
Will Sullo

Very well ran, I was never a gym person but after coming to apex I really loved it. They help you through everything and is so personal. The trainers are great always willing to help and push you to your fullest potential.
Brooke Henn

Great place, great environment, great coaches. This is the place to be at for any fitness goal you are looking to achieve. Athletes are provided with clean and competitive atmosphere to train and better themselves. #ApexOrNothing
Mark McElroy

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