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Unleash Your Hitting and Pitching Potential at Apex Performance

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Transform Your Game with Expert Coaching at Apex Performance

Apex Performance Gym in Rockland County, NY is more than just a gym - it's your training ground for baseball greatness. Led by a former collegiate MVP and coaches with extensive experience at the college and professional levels, we're passionate about helping you reach your full potential.

Hitting Domination with Baseball Legends

Take your swing to the next level with Apex Performance's elite hitting program. Learn from Kevin Hylas, College Baseball World Series MVP. Our personalized approach in small groups ensures you receive the attention you need, from mastering foundational mechanics to executing dynamic live hitting drills. Commit to our 3x weekly program and unlock your hitting potential with the guidance of champions, right here in Rockland County.

Elevate Your Pitching with Experienced Mentors

Sharpen your pitching skills with Apex Performance's renowned program. Led by Cameron Price, a Felician University standout, and James Riley, drafted by the Seattle Mariners, our program offers a winning combination of group and private lessons (twice a week). Our coaches are more than instructors; they're former players who bring real-world experience and proven college success to your training sessions. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player, our program is designed to elevate your pitching game at every level.

Tailored Training: Group Sessions or Private Lessons

At Apex Performance, we understand that every player thrives differently. That's why we offer both group sessions and private lessons to cater to your training style. Feed off the energy and motivation of a group setting, or receive focused attention from our expert coaches in private lessons.  Choose the path that unlocks your full potential!

Building Champions: Apex Success Stories

Apex Performance isn't just about drills -- it's about building champions. We've seen countless players from Rockland County transform their game, not just making teams but excelling in travel leagues and advancing to college baseball. Our programs provide the critical foundation for players aiming high in Rockland County's competitive baseball scene. Hear their stories and see yours begin at Apex Performance!

The James Riley Phenomenon: From Rockland County to the Seattle Mariners

James Riley's story is a testament to the transformative power of dedication and Apex Performance Baseball Training.  James started as a local player throwing in the low 80s. Through tireless commitment to our program, he honed his mechanics and core strength, ultimately reaching speeds in the low 90s. This remarkable improvement didn't go unnoticed -- it earned him a dream come true: being drafted by the Seattle Mariners! James' journey from Rockland County to professional baseball exemplifies the results achievable at Apex Performance.  Let us help you reach your pitching goals!

Unleash Your Inner Star: Apex Performance Training for All Ages

At Apex Performance Baseball Training in Rockland County, NY, we believe every player deserves the chance to excel.  Our comprehensive programs cater to athletes of all ages and skill levels, fostering a love for the game and building champions.

Building a Strong Foundation: NextGen Program (Ages 7-8)

The journey to becoming a baseball great starts young!  Our NextGen Program is specifically designed for young sluggers (ages 7-8) to ignite their passion for the game. In a supportive, peer-encouraged environment, they'll learn the fundamentals through focused tee work and develop a strong, reliable swing. We go beyond just training -- we nurture a lifelong love for baseball, setting them up for future success.

Taking Flight: Training for Teens and Beyond

As players mature, their game needs to evolve.  Our program intensifies alongside their growing skills.  High school and college athletes will experience rigorous live at-bats and lightning-fast pitching, transforming real-game scenarios into powerful training opportunities. Under the pressure of game-like conditions, players will sharpen their abilities and take their game to the next level.

Developing the Complete Athlete (Ages 12+):

At Apex Performance, we know baseball success goes beyond the diamond.  Athletes over 12 will benefit from our tailored strength and conditioning program, designed to complement their on-field development.  This holistic approach goes beyond baseball skills, building strength, agility, and overall athleticism.  You'll be game-ready, dominant, and performing at your peak on the field.

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The Apex Advantage: Elite Coaching & Next-Level Training

At Apex Performance in Rockland County, NY, we don't just offer baseball training -- we offer a winning edge. Our difference lies in our unparalleled coaching expertise. Led by recently-drafted pros and college standouts mentored by elite collegiate coaches, our team brings fresh perspectives and cutting-edge techniques to maximize your potential.

A Two-Part Program for Game-Changing Results

Go beyond the basics with Apex Performance's two-part training regimen. This unique program isn't just about keeping up -- it's about launching you ahead of the competition.  We don't just train skills, we train outperformers.

Dual Focus: Mastering Skills & Building Performance

More than traditional practice, Apex Performance provides a comprehensive approach to elevate your entire game.  At our state-of-the-art facility in Rockland County, NY, you'll refine your hitting and pitching skills while simultaneously building superior athleticism through targeted strength training.  Under the guidance of lower New York's finest coaches, you'll become a stronger, more adaptable athlete ready to dominate on the field.

Beyond the Diamond: Building Champions for Life

Apex Performance goes beyond the mechanics of the game. We focus on developing well-rounded athletes who excel in all aspects of their game.  Our program incorporates specialized baseball training with a comprehensive strength and conditioning program, ensuring our Rockland County athletes reap benefits that last a lifetime.

Building Champions: Partnerships Fueling Success

At Apex Performance, we believe in the power of collaboration. That's why we've forged unrivaled partnerships with top-tier organizations in Rockland County, NY. These partnerships elevate our baseball and softball training programs, offering athletes unparalleled access to resources and expertise.

Proven Results: Empowering Local Teams

Our commitment to excellence goes beyond the walls of our facility. We're proud to partner with local teams and fuel their success stories.  Apex Performance has played a key role in the back-to-back section championships of Clarkstown North and North Rockland's baseball and softball teams.  These victories highlight our ability to transform local athletes into champions.  By partnering with Apex Performance, you're not just developing skills -- you're joining a winning tradition in Rockland County.

Train Smart, Play Strong: Safety & Technique at Apex Performance

At Apex Performance Baseball Training in Rockland County, NY, we prioritize both peak performance and long-term athlete health. Our coaches, with pro and top-college experience, don't just teach you to hit harder and throw faster -- they teach you to do it safely and effectively.  Learn the latest, most effective baseball techniques that will keep you healthy and on the field for years to come.

Beyond Strength: A Holistic Approach for Complete Players

We believe in training the entire athlete, not just isolated muscles.  Our holistic training regimen in Rockland County, NY, goes beyond arm strength and brute force.  We cover everything from pitching and batting to proper form and movement mechanics.  By focusing on meticulous precision and detail, we ensure you develop the skills and strength to truly elevate your game while minimizing the risk of injury.

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Building Champions: Apex Performance Training for All Ages

At Apex Performance Baseball Training in Rockland County, NY, we believe every athlete deserves a chance to shine. Our comprehensive programs cater to players of all ages and skill levels, fostering a love for the game and building champions:

Junior Sluggers Program (Ages 7-11):

  • Ignite a Passion for Baseball: Spark the love for the game in your young athlete (ages 7-11) with our Junior Sluggers Program.

  • Building a Strong Foundation: We emphasize mastering fundamentals the right way, ensuring a solid base for future success.

  • Fun & Supportive Environment: More than just drills, our program fosters team spirit and keeps learning fun, allowing each junior slugger to blossom.

Middle & High School Athletes (Ages 12-18):

  • Take Your Game to the Next Level: Our program for athletes aged 12-18 is designed to refine skills, deepen baseball knowledge, and build physical prowess.

  • Crucial Development Stage: This age group forms the heart of our community, where athletes hone their talents for the competitive stage.

  • Expert Guidance & Support: Elevate your game with personalized instruction and support from our expert coaches at Apex Performance.

Elite Collegiate Development (Ages 19-20):

  • Refine Advanced Techniques: College athletes (ages 19-20) sharpen their skills through advanced training sessions focusing on mastering high-level techniques.

  • Building Mental Toughness: We go beyond physical training, focusing on mental fortitude and strategic play -- crucial for collegiate success.

  • Outperform the Competition: Apex Performance provides the ideal environment for college players to excel and dominate in their baseball careers.

Become a Hitting Machine: Mastering Exit Velocity & Beyond

Unleash Your Inner Powerhouse with Apex Performance Baseball Training in Rockland County, NY.  Go beyond just hitting the ball -- master the art of exit velocity and impress scouts and coaches alike.   Our targeted training programs will show you how to increase the speed and power behind your swing, ensuring you stand out from the competition.

Science-Backed Hitting

At Apex Performance, we don't just tell you to swing harder.  We  employ an analytical approach to hitting, focusing on launch angles and exit velocity.  By analyzing key metrics, we'll design a personalized training regimen that targets the areas with the biggest impact on your game.

Make Every Hit Count

Whether you're stepping up to the plate in a game or refining your skills in practice, our expert coaches will guide you every step of the way.  With Apex Performance, you'll learn to hit smarter, stronger, and strategically to dominate at the batter's box.

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Become an Unstoppable Force: Mastering Velocity, Precision, & Deception

Apex Performance Baseball Training in Rockland County, NY, transforms pitchers into dominant forces on the mound.  Our program goes beyond just throwing hard -- it equips you with the complete arsenal to overpower hitters and control the game.

Unleash Safe & Effective Velocity

Increased velocity is a pitcher's dream, but not at the cost of safety.  Our proven techniques prioritize maximizing your throwing speed while safeguarding your arm, minimizing injury risk, and keeping you healthy for the long haul.

Master the Art of Pitch Location

Domination lies in precision.  At Apex Performance, we don't just teach you to throw strikes -- we teach you to paint the corners of the strike zone consistently.  Our program hones your pitching location, making you an enigma to batters and nearly impossible to hit.

Deception: The Art of the Off-Speed Pitch

Keep hitters off balance with a diverse pitching arsenal.  Our expert coaches will help you seamlessly integrate effective off-speed pitches into your repertoire.  Mastering these weapons adds an element of surprise, throws off timing, and gives you the upper hand on the mound.

Become an Apex Pitcher

With Apex Performance, you'll develop not just power, but complete pitching mastery. Dominate the competition, control the game, and become an unstoppable force on the mound!

Unlock Your Baseball Potential: Start Here!

Free Evaluation: Your Personalized Path to Success

At Apex Performance Baseball Training in Rockland County, NY, we believe in your potential.  That's why we offer a complimentary evaluation. This assessment is your chance to connect with our expert coaches, who will analyze your skills and create a personalized training plan designed to maximize your success on the field.

We Cater to All Training Styles:

  • Strength Training Enthusiast? We've got you covered.

  • Thrive in Group Sessions? Our dynamic classes will push you.

  • Prefer One-on-One Coaching? Get focused attention from our expert staff.

Don't wait -- unlock your potential today! Schedule your free evaluation!

Get Game-Ready Before You Arrive:

Maximize your Apex Performance experience! Here are some pre-training tips:

  • Stay Sharp: Regular practice with swings, throws, and fielding drills keeps you in top form.

  • Build a Routine: Regular pre-training drills ensure you're ready to absorb advanced techniques at Apex.

  • Hit the Ground Running: Arrive prepared to dominate with a solid foundation of baseball skills.

By putting in pre-training work, you'll be ready to hit the ground running at Apex and take your game to the next level!

Apex Gym Hitting and Pitching Training Rockland County, NY Pricing

12 Month - $220 Per Month

6 Month - $260 Per Month

3 Month - $290 Per Month

All new members have a one time $50 registration fee.

Memberships auto renew until canceled.

Family Discounts

10% off 2nd Household Member

20% off 3rd Household Member

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Hitting And Pitching Training FAQ's

What is Apex Performance Baseball Training?

Apex Performance Baseball Training is a facility in Rockland County, NY, offering specialized baseball programs focused on player development. Led by former collegiate and MLB-drafted athletes, the facility provides personalized coaching to help players enhance their hitting, pitching, and overall baseball skills.

Who can benefit from training at Apex Performance?

Baseball athletes at every level, from young beginners to high school and collegiate athletes, can benefit from Apex Performance's tailored programs. They cater to individuals looking to elevate their game, whether starting out or aiming for the big leagues.

What kinds of programs does Apex Performance offer?

Apex Performance offers various programs including hitting and pitching coaching, personalized group, and private lessons, strength and agility training, and specialized training for young players through their NextGen and Junior Sluggers Programs.

Are the coaches at Apex Performance qualified?

Yes, Apex Performance boasts a team of highly qualified coaches, including a College Baseball World Series MVP, Male Athlete of the Year, and pros drafted by MLB teams. They bring extensive experience and cutting-edge training methods to the facility.

How does Apex Performance tailor training to individual needs?

Through comprehensive assessments, coaches at Apex Performance set personalized goals and create customized training plans for each athlete. This ensures that every player receives attention to their specific skills and development needs.

What makes Apex Performance stand out in Rockland County?

Apex Performance distinguishes itself with its experienced coaching staff, state-of-the-art training methods, focus on safety and injury prevention, and supportive community environment. The facility is known for its successful track record with local teams and athletes.

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Apex Performance is a members only fitness facility. From small group performance training to bootcamps to personal training our focus is to give our clients a safe & comfortable training environment for them to achieve all of their goals, both physically & mentally.

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